DVD+R DL Burner Advice

Hey all,

I currently have a liteon LH-20A1 burner that im not too satisfied with :sad: – you can check my woes in an earlier thread i made.

Im shopping around for a new one and since this is the place where all the :bow: experts are i figured i would ask here. What would be a good replacement?

I would like a lightscribe model since i have 100+ CD/DVD’s that i would hate to see go to waste.
i was looking at a samsung SH-S203N at newegg and it seemed like an ok drive - any input would be greatly appreciated.
I am mainly burning xbox backups

ps: i am using verbatim DVD+R DL’s :slight_smile: – the liteon will work sometimes and will sometimes hang.

That’s a shame you’re not satisfied with your LiteOn…my 20A1H burns Verbatim DL media nicely.

If LightScribe wasn’t a must, I’d have recommended a Pioneer 115(D) as it’s good with DL, even some non-Verbatim stuff.

But the Sammy 203N is an excellent choice, I have one myself, and it’s what I would recommend besides the Pioneer. :slight_smile:

I bought one (samsung) from bestbuy with plans to test it out and return it, im disapointed it only runs 2.4X even after modded firmwae was used.
I loved the 20A1H but it really sucks that it just plain doesnt like DVD9 – im thinking of just getting another one instead of the one that broke although im loving the silence of the samsung.

What is the pioneed you would recommend?
i read samsungs were not good at dvd scanning – would the liteon or pioneer be a better choice here – what about the plextors i keep hearing about.

Q:   Is the Samsung a reliable DVD scanner?

A: This depends on your individual drive. Some drives give good results (comparable to other well-known scanning drives), some others are questionable. So take the scans with a grain of salt unless you were able to verify them with another drive like a Liteon or Benq DVDRW.

Q: Is the Samsung a reliable CD scanner?

A: Not at all. The drive does not report back all C2 errors to the application (CD/DVD Speed or Kprobe), also the reported C1 errors are way too low to believe them. So just forget it. Or the other way: If there are C2 errors, then the disc is really bad.

There’s obviously a problem, maybe with your setup or settings, if the Sammy only runs (burns or reads?) at 2.4x, you may like to investigate that with our help before returning it.

However, the Pioneer I was thinking of is the 115(D). I also have that drive and it’s very good.

It’s true that Pioneers aren’t reliable scanners, you may like to keep your Litey around for that job. As for Samsung, as the FAQ says, whether they’re good DVD scanners or not depends on your drive.

Pio 115 all the way far superior to me then the 111 but thats my opinion it seems to give better results with some pooer dl mids :slight_smile: also my 203 b sammy does a nice job on DL’s too not as nice as the pioneer so ya know :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the mention the sata version of the Pioneer… the 215D. I just got one, haven’t burned much yet, but its been very good so far. Crossflashed to a 215L.