DVD+R DL burn on the fly

Experiences anyone?
Commercial DVD-ROM DL disc burnt on the fly to a DVD+R DL disc.
DVD+R DL disc burnt on the fly to another DVD+R DL disc.
Anyone tried either of these yet?
If so, please post details/results/scans and your experience.

i burned 4 copies on the fly with no problems. they burn at 2.4x so failure probability is minimal. i have an external unit and a laptop with 1.3GHz/256MB hope this helps

Cool, I just haven’t seen this topic discussed before. :slight_smile:
Was it a commerical DL DVD-ROM pressed disc that you backed up?
What movie?
What was the source drive?
What software used?
What type of DL disc used, MKM or Ritek?

I’m just overly curious… :slight_smile:

i used nero 6 dvd burning rom. it was not a movie but a pressed data disk with no encryption. i used verbatim dl media from sony. the source drive is a crappy laptop combo drive.