DVD+R DL Are Unreadable With 1612BL


I’m having back up problems when using Asus 1612BL and dual layer disks.Had the driver over 2 months and just brought a cake of Verbatim +R DLx6(the only DL disks I’ll use) last week.After making the back ups,either the disks are unreadable or broken pixels/stops in each of my three different players.Tried uninstall the driver thur Windows,reset DMA,reinstall firmware 1.10,and made the switch from master to slave with the same results.I’ve used Nero 6,Inervideo DVD Copy 4,DVDFab Plat and Decrypter to make 10 coasters already.I don’t believe it’s the media cause on my second driver(Asus 1608P2S) makes perfect DL back ups(with the same cake).No other issues with DVD +/-Rs,RWs,RAM or lightscribe disks on 1612BL.I just can’t use DL disks.Any ideas?

Thank you very much for your replies!!


Windows XP SP2(CPU 3.0-HT),P4P800E-Deluxe MB with Asus Silent Knight
Apevia AS680W-BL
Maxtor HHD(200g+160g)
Corsair 3200C2PRO(2+1gigs of RAM)
Asus DRW-1608P2S(master),DMA active,firmware 1.41
Asus DRW-1612BL(slave),DMA active,firmware 1.10
AuzenTech Xplosion 7.1 sound card

Perfect DL backups on your Asus 1608P2S, but 10 coasters made from the same batch on your Asus 1612BL? Sounds to me like your Asus 1612BL has gone south on you.

Then try with DVD+R DL 2.4x.

Iam using 2.4 DL disks burned at x8,x6,x4 and x2.4.Going to try x8 disks.

You wrote “and just brought a cake of Verbatim +R DLx6(the only DL disks I’ll use) last week.” …

Use Imgburn to burn and post a log.

Thank you very much for the replies!!!

I mailed out the unit to Asus repair.Updated info states replacing leds.Hopefully that will do it.My wife(lovely wife she is) just brought me an Asus DRW-1814BL since she saw how upset I was from so many DL coasters I made.Should be here by next week.Any known issues with this model?I’ve read the review on this forum.

Thank you again!!!

Willy P.

The Asus DRW-1814BL and DRW-1612BL probably use the same hardware, so if it is a general problem, you will notice.

Received the replacement 1612BL and updated the firmware to 1.10.All is good until I tried the DL disks and it happens again.Again,unable to back up DL disks.The 1814BL arrives also and once installed all is good even with DL disks!The 1814BL is perfect all around!!!Going back to Asus RMA department to get this 1612 repaired/replaced again.1612BL is the only drive with so many problems for me.Keeping the 1814 with 1608P2S and selling the 1612!

Thanks to all!!!