DVD+R DL, are they RW as well?

I bought some Verbatim dvd+r DL discs, and screwed one up. At their price, I was pretty angry. Until I saw an RW symbol on the case and on the disc!!! So I thought that they were rewritable…

But I can’t seem to erase them (It ‘says’ they’re not erasable). Now I’m really pissed off, because I don’t want ot pull out the big bucks again for more DL’s!

So are the discs rewritable? I’m hoping they are, but they’re probably not because they probably would of advertised that they were. I hope they are though!!

I have a GSA-4120B that has the A105 firmware, I was thinking if they are RW that I could just upgrade the firmware, maybe that would work to help it recognize that they are RW.



All +R media shows that “RW” symbol for some reason that no one knows why-

Bottom line - sorry - but they are not eraseable-

Dual layer media continues to be expensive and rare - it is not yet its time for the mass consumers-



Sorry What you have is a Read/Write Dual layer. Only a write once.

There is no DL RW media. What you have is an expensive coaster.

What are you trying to do that you need dual layer media? That stuff is still way to expensive for general use.