DVD+R DL 8X to come in Q2 2005?



I just posted the article DVD+R DL 8X to come in Q2 2005?.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the price of dual
format, dual layer DVD writers keeps falling, with prices hitting lows of
$65. Along with drop in price of…

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Who cares if DL media is either not available or freaking expensive.


What about DVD+RW DL at any speed!!! Thats something i wouldnt mind wasting $6 on.


screw the speeds just bring down the damn prices. We need this stuff to be affordable, then work on getting the speeds better. I still can not afford the 10 bux a disc they want to cahrge. This is more then what I paid for single layer media. In another year I still doubt we will see this media dropping in price. THen we will leap frog to blue ray and get stuck with a lot of useless landfill.


Ranmacanada just touch it - new formats are in the way with larger capacities, Blu-ray, HD-DVD and other things still to be known… DL are expensive and faster discs (4x ) cannt be found, at the same time doubts on the future of the format are discussed http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11232 But if we look for other kind of doubts, it seems there is a real tradeoff recording speed/life time of recorded media. Speed not beeing it all, announcement of better coating and protection layers, or enlarged time span should be as interesting or even more than speed increase of xtimes.


Faster DL media will = cost of slower DL falling = good!