DVD +R Dl 8.5GO problems with DVDShrink

Hi everyone,

I got an LG DVDRAM 4160B with firware A306 installed. I try to make a copy of my SinCity DVD. Once DVDShrink has encode the movie, wich do not needs to be compress cause I wanna burn it on a DVD+R DL 8.5GO, it says that there is not enough space but the dvd is 7.3 GO. Humm. Embarassing.

Need help please!!.

I finaly resolve my problem. Thank you. But it seems that my xbox has some problem reading double layer dvd 8.5GO Verbatim. I’ll try it on another DVD reader to see if it goes well on it. If so, is there parameters I can adjust on DVDShrink to avoid that once burned it jamed during playing??

don’t use shrink to burn a 1:1 copy of a DL disc…use dvd decrypter in “iso read” then “iso write” to burn it…if its a newer copy protection(sony arcss)…etc… u might wanna run anydvd in the background of dvd decrypter…I’ve done many DL’s this way w/ no failures…:slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ll try this.