DVD+R DL 25 pack for 35.77 at Shop4tech

I know these might just be crappy but who knows…I know verbatim is the best…maybe someone has tried these before…Use a coupon code or referral for the 10% off

39.75 - 3.98(10% off or referral)= 35.77


Honestly, anything but a Verbatim D/L disc at this point is just a waste of money. At still well over $1 a disc, it hardly seems worth the risk to me. Just my opinion though.

the 25 packs are very good IMO. I pay 100 dollars over in the uk so dont complain lol.

I agree 100% but at this price maybe I might get a 25 pack just to test them with…no harm…at least its not 10 bucks apiece…

It will go down even more! I’ve been speaking to key factories, trust me, it will go down even more! :iagree:

That’s $1.43 a piece, for 50 cents more you get verbatim :slight_smile:

Ritek is not worth $1.43 :iagree:

Does anyone know what these are? Ritek D01? It worries me to consider anything DL from shop4tech. Their DL prices are so high it’s crazy. They want $4 a disk for a Memorex 15 pack.

How do the quality of the 25 packs differ from other quantities? Ritek is Ritek. As for complaining as someone else pointed out, if you keep an eye out for sales you can get the 10 packs of Verbatim for $2 a disc or a little less. That and when I can get top notch single layer Taiyo Yuden for less than 40 cents a disc, it hardly seems worth taking a gamble for questionable D/L media that is $1.43 a disc when I can get top quality single layer for less than 40 cents a disc and top quality D/L media for $2 a disc.

Garbage is stil garbage no matter what price you pay!!! :Z :Z

any scans…anyone?

I believe there are some posted down in the media forum. It might be under memorex or another label but as mentioned above it’s all Ritek D/L DVD+R.

I was refering to the [B]Verbatim[/B], I seem to have mis-read the thread lol.

I don’t see where in this thread anyone indicated they know for a fact these disks are Ritek.

well it’s most likely not MKM…

Definitely not authentic MKM. Keep in mind that Matrix has been one of the confirmed brands that has used faked Taiyo Yuden and MCC media ID codes. Not a good mark in their favor. Ritek or CMC Mag would be my two bets for D/L. Probably Ritek though given their track record and cost.

Over in the videohelp forum, someone said these are RICOHJPN-D00-01. If they aren’t faked, then these are a good deal.

The thing is that several brands alternate between Ricoh and Ritek on their D/L media. So I would be curious to see a few more findings on these to confirm for sure.

I guess I’ll be the guinea pig. I just ordered 25. If they are indeed ricohjpnd00, I’ve used them before:

Maybe my NEC will have better luck with them than my DW1640 did. In any case, I can use them for the less important burns, or the burns that are only a little over the dvd5 size. At ~1.30 a disk shipped (using the 10% coupon), they’re almost half the price of the current going rate for Verbs.

Yeah, you’ve used the real thing before. Now you will have to deal with Chinese-made, fake RICOHJPN D00.

Oh well, at least it’s going to be interesting.

Let us know!

How do you know they’re Chinese made? I admit I had my suspicions from the start. I wonder if these are the same as the Playo disks Meritline is pushing.

Amazon has them listed, although they ship from Computer Geeks: