DVD-R discs not reliable - Huh, What?!?



When purchasing DVDRs I basically look for bulk discs for cheap. I’ve purchased Memorex, Fuji, x-Media, No-Name. So far I cant say that any of them are reliable – within about 3 months (possibly less) the discs spontaneously get errors on them making it frustrating to read or copy data from it.

  1. Can someone please explain to me why DVDR discs can die after so many weeks/months rather than being a reliable pemanenet storage?

  2. Are there commerically available DVDRs out there (at an affordable price for consumers) that are reliable?

  3. Is there some comemrical software out there that can help me copy off my data from these bad DVDr discs?

Tx for any information.


verbatim ADVDInfo: MCC 03RG20


btw use lg or benq burners, with img burn, they make a difference too, not only the discs


Don’t buy cheap media. The burn quality is very often very poor & the longevity is questionable.

Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden media , both CD & DVD , is recommended for very good reasons. They burn well & last.

As for extracting data then ISOBuster is worth a try but it’s often more about the DVD-ROM or burner being able to read these error prone disks. Liteon drives have , historically , been good readers but it often pays to have a variety of burners as the reading characteristics vary. Well that’s one of these reasons I use to justify my collection.


good info. and yes the nero img burn technique fro my benq dw1655 burner helped to get the files off. Havent verified the file yet to see iuf it actually copied out fine tho.

ANyway, why do these discs die in the fiurst place? Any technical aticles explaining this?


just poorly made and lack of quality control. Some of the lesser labels sell the ones that are simply “seconds” that would have been rejected and thrown out by more reputable manufacturers.



Three months is a very short life, even for very poor quality media. Is your burner working properly? If your drive supports quality scanning, try scanning the discs after you burn them. Scan them again a few months later to check for degradation.

Use good quality media, handle it carefully and store it in a suitable environment.
All of my seven year old CD and four year old DVD backups are still readable. The cheap nasty DVDs like Bulkpaq/Princo are now showing very high PIE/PIF rates, but I can still read them. Higher quality media like Verbatim MIJ are still almost as good as new.


My drive is a Benq DW1655 DVDRW. To save me time, what tool can i use to test my blank media to determine if it is worth storing my data onto + a tool to check the integrity of my current data on discs?


This would be very typical for media like Ritek G05 these days. Sometimes the degradation of the media starts before burning. Some of my stock of these are almost unburnable now.


I often wondered about that. Does DVD media degrade at a different rate before and after burning?


Ritek G05 they don’t even last a day for me.


Try some Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim blank media, as Tim said earlier cheap media won’t last even if you do get a good burn


wow 1st i’ve heard of that :bigsmile: sorry to laugh.