DVD-R discs not recognized - BENQ DW1610

My BENQ DW1610 recognizes DVD films but no longer recognizes (BENQ) DVD-R discs, and I am at a complete loss as to why. Whenever I place a virgin DVD-R disc in the drive, DW1610 transforms itself only into a CD-Rom drive.

According to Drive Region Info 2.2, the BENQ drive has no region protection. I recently installed firmware B8T9RPC1, and DVD IdlePro 5.8. My system drivers include the following:


Ther DVD drive has no “Current region” set, though I am warned that I only have two changes remaining (I have no idea how I managed to do that). Maybe that is the problem – perhaps I should set a region, I don’t know anymore.

In a bid to circumvate the problem I installed DVD Region Killer, and uninstalled it as it did not help. I have tried other firmware, but again nothing helped.

I have read and reread different posts in this forum, checked out the Microsoft website as well as the BENQ official (useless) and unofficial website, and still am puzzled.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What exactlly is the problem? Are you not able to burn disks, or are you talking about the drive icon in my computer changing to cd-rom when you insert the disk? If you are just talking about the drive icon changing to cd-rom, ignore it, it is meaningless. It can change to several diffrent things depending on what kind of disk you insert and it is not always accurate. It seems to me that my drive started doing this after a windows update if I recall right. Put the disk in, ignore what the windows icon says it is, open a burning aplication and try to burn the disk. If the burning aplication recognizes that thier is a dvd in it and is able to burn then thier is no problem. If it won’t burn, please explain in more detail exactly what you are trying to do.

Use Nero InfoTool and it will tell you if your drive is capable of reading -r discs.
If you have one of the discs in the drive, the disc tab will also give you info about it, so if it says that it is a 4.7 gig -r disc then you know the drive’s fine and windows is just getting a bit confused.