DVD+R, Digital Set top box and TV connection problem

Hi Guys

I am a newbie here so please be gentle.

Basically I have an older tv which only has one set of RCA (AV1) out jacks.

This causes me a problem when I am trying to connect two devices to it (digital set top box and dvd recorder).

Basically what I have done is to buy a input jack adaptor (1 pin) for each of the red, yellow and white which allows two pins (1 for dvd recorder and 1 for set top box) to enter at the rear.

Whilst this solution stops me from having to plug and unplug each device as i need to use them, it is now a real problem as I have a dvd recorder which I would like to record a signal from the set top box (ie record a tv program). Both items cannot be turned on at the same time as it confuses the picture and blurs the signal.

My other tv (smaller) has jacks for AV1 and AV2 but this is not feasible as it has a small screen.

Does anybody have any suggestion for how I could fix this situation ??

You need a switcher, Radio Shack has several that are not expensive. Most any home theater receiver will also offer video switching.

What set top box do you have, and how did you connect it to the tv?