DVD-R data storage

i see DVD media has come down in price now and wish to use the 4.7g disc for general data storage, please, i have 4 liteon burners 16-24-40 and 48x what speed can these disc be written to? i also see there’s a few different types of DVD media available R R-W etc etc, which one would work best for data storage for like mp3 and programs, thanks tons for any links, tips or guidance on this config… tia 10x


Ehhh you do realize, that you’ll need a special drive, a DVD-R(W) or DVD+R(W) drive in order to write to DVD media… right?

For storing data, all these type can do. Depends on your needs actually. My advice: read a little in our DVD forums about the differences between the -R and +R systems.

really, humm, i didn’t know that, i thought the DVD-R just required a burner to process disc, how much are the DVD burners going for nowadays? oh well… no blue ray here till that price tag comes down quite a bit… thanks

The price? Well I’ve seen drives for about $200 yet, but if you want a really good drive, consider a investment of $350~$400 realistic (depens on your location ofcourse)…

much thanks, i’ll just wait a year or so and get one for 60-70 bucks, hopefully… cdr went that route… thanks again…