Dvd-r compatiblity (Panasonic DMR-EZ17K)

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DMR-EZ17K. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi. I just joined CDFreaks.

I have two Panasonic DVD recorders: the DMR-EZ17 and DMR- E60
Neither will playback DVD-R’s burned on my PC. I have two stand alone
DVD players, a Sanyo DVD/VCR and a Philips. Both units will play the
DVD-R’s. Can someone tell me why the Panasonics won’t play the
DVD’s but the other units will? Is there anything I can do to the
DVD-R’s to make them play on the Panasonics?



What format are the DVDs recorded in? DIVX, AVI or just the standard DVD format. The EZ17 should be new enough to play most all formats I believe, the E60 must be a older machine. Do you get a error code when trying to play the discs?

Thanks for quick reply Jeff. Sorry but I’m not that cognizant of the format recorded by my laptop. How can I find this info? I understand
that DVD-R’s do not have to be formatted. Whenever I try to play the
disks on the Panasonics I get “unsupport” or "incompatable disk"
on the DMR-E60 (five years old) and “cannot play” on the EZ17.
No error codes. Any suggestions?



Other people would know much more than I as far as PC DVD formats, but whatever format it’s recorded in isn’t compatible with the Pannys.
Players are know for playing more PC formats than DVD recorders.
On your computer if you can get to the file I’d do a right mouse click and check the properties. It may tell you what format it’s in.
You’re right -Rs don’t have to be formatted if they are in the standard DVD format (I don’t believe yours are) although they would need to be finalized to play in a player.
The newest Panasonic recorders, the EZ-x8 series list many more supported formats than even last years x7 series. I think they’re trying to make them more compatible with PC disc formats but are still one step behind even the cheap players.

Your comments noted with thanks. I’ll check the laptop burner properties to determine format and let you know. It’s confusing to me that the Sanyo and Philips stand alone DVD players are able to
play these DVD-R’s and the Panasonics can’t. The players are not
new units and were not expensive.

Kind of a funny thing about players. It seems like the cheaper they are the more formats they play. A relative swears by his cheap Cyberhome players (several years old). He says they play basically anything he puts in it. He had a nicer new Sony but returned due to the fact that it couldn’t play some of his PC discs. I know, it doesn’t make sense.