DVD-R compatibility

Hi guys, I am new to the forum and i would like to say what a perfect program dvd2one is to me who I am just starting.

I copied spirit-stalion of the cimarron onto a dvd-r(pringo 1x) medium but although it plays ok on my pioneer standalone dvd and pc dvd-rom assus e616 it does not play on dvd-rom assus e612.

I used dvd-decrypter, dvd2one and nero as well as pioneer DVR-A05 dvd writer.

Could anyone please help on the issue?:slight_smile:

Your Nero Version makes DVD-Standart incompatible DVDs.
Use the newest Version.
Propably it will help you.

Also, some standalone players are choosy about what media they will play.

Try some Ritek disks, they are generally much more widely compatible, with a large range of satndalone players and are more reliable.

In Nero 5.5.10 you have to write your dvd’s as DVD-rom, UDF, 1.02

This is the most compatible format!!