Dvd-r "compatibility" with standalone player



A friend of mine has a standard DVD player (I can’t recall the model), and the funny thing is, when playing back a burnt dvd-r, the movie plays back in black and white. Why would that be?
The disk plays perfectly, is detected, menus are fine, it just seems that only the chroma channel is played back (which doesn’t make much sense). Some TY burnt disks were tried on that player, which “worked”, but the image was apparently squished into the corner, with green everwhere else (I didn’t see this, so I can’t confirm it).
Any takers on why the disk works, but not properly? I just assumed compatibility on standalones was pretty black and white (no pun intended :slight_smile: )


Unless the specifications of the standalone player say that DVD-R can be played back, there is no guarantee that it will work correctly. (Now this does not necessarily mean that it will always fail, but basically there are no guarantees.)


Is you friend playing it with the same colour system as the recording?
(i.e., recorder as PAL/playing as PAL, or NTSC/NTSC)
Sometimes this can be a cause: playing a PAL disc in a NTSC or vice-versa.
But jus a guess…