DVD-R Compatability Issue

I have a DVD I just purchased that will not play in any of my DVD players. It uses DVD-R technology. Can I make a copy of it in my pc that will play in my home theater DVD player?

Very new at this…

cannot understand why a purchased dvd will not play I would take it back to the place you purchased it.

if the DVD player or recorder you have bought is only playing DVD-R/-RW that will not play the burnt disc which is DVD+R/RW unless during burning process you set the “BookType” to be DVD-ROM when burn process finished.

The DVD does play in my computer, but not in my other home theater players.

I would burn a copy to a good brand dvd+r and try that in you player some older players will not play DVD-r disk. This is the best we can do unless you provide more info like what movie and what players you are trying to play it on.

Some older players will not play +R either.