DVD-R Coasters

I have an HP Media Center PC M7248n
I’ve upgraded my graphics card to a ATI Radeon 1600 Pro
My ram to 3 Gigs and my DVD burner from an HP DVD writer 840i to an HP 940i and just added an HP 1040i
I’m using Any DVD with 1 click
I’ve been using this set up over a year of course with the updates of any DVD and my burner from a 840 to a 940/1040. But recently my burners just started spitting out coasters. Matter of fact that’s why I brought the 940 and the 1040. It reads well when I put in the original disc in and it copies like normal but they all come out crap. Can someone please help me.

A few questions for you

  1. Are the firmware for your new burners up-to-date :confused:
  2. What brand of media disc’s are you using :confused:
  3. what is the write speed are you doing the burn :confused:
  1. Yes and no. The 940ii was updated with the Lite On firmware and reads as a Lite On LH181H. I haven’t been able to find anything for the 1040i
  2. Sony DVD-R VEr2.1/1x-16x
  3. As for the write speed I’m not sure. :sad:

First thing is to make sure your updated on firmware and make sure no antivirus is causing problems and firewall is conflicting with your program burn.
Try various different media as well.
Burn speed is best keep at 2.4x for DL for good burns, that what I do.
And 6-8x for SL media just to reduce burn errors.
It could be different for your media so experiement but don’t do max burn speed that seems to mostly cause coasters. Also when you do burn or duplicate don’t be using your computer to be doing multitasking as it needs all the CPU and memory system do it’s needed task but to also prevent making coasters as well. I learned this from trial and error it’s best to leave the computer to do the copy and once its done you can go do what you have to do.

Try getting some Verbatim or TY you may have better luck and no coasters :smiley:

Oddly enough I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. I cannot find any firmware for the HP DVD Writer 1040i and it’s still churning out coasters. Even trying different media.

Uninstall your IDE controller & reboot.
Please post the Media ID’s of the media you have been burning.
Nero CD/DVDspeed is small (to download), free & easy to use.

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  1. Ram is related to burning. There are many cases where a limitted amount of ram has interfered with the final result, or caused coasters.
  2. Video cards are relevant. Onboard video cards, or ati-hypermemory/nvidia turbocache video cards steal ram from the main system. See above.

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With ram prices so low atm, it’s not at all uncommon to see people with 4GB or even 8GB of ram.
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