DVD R Capcaity Queston

Is there currently any burner on the market that Support burning Single Side Double Layer??

And are there any media for that??

( I don’t seems to find any of the above on the net… )

And if they are not avalible, why??

The answers is that order are no, and no.

I think you will find a dual layer drive and media will be some way off, too - focusing a laser capable of burning away the dye onto one layer without damaging the other is probably some way off yet as far as the commercial sector goes at least.

There are also constraints with the DVD format where (for video, at least), that the second layer must contain less data than the first if I remember correctly, and this sort of jiggling could be a swine to sort out automatically in software - bit management is big buisiness, I’m afraid.

I also doubt with the quantity of dubious media still out there that many of the current manufacturers are capable or tooled up to produce the discs in any quantity either.