Dvd-r Can Not Be Read After Backing Up Data

Hi folks…I am really sweating here. I backed up all my data (documents, pics, etc) on a DVD-R using Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 using a DVD burner and now when I insert the DVD-R on a DVD drive of any PC the data can not be read.
Problem is I deleted all my data from the hard drive assuming it had all been copied just fine before I checked to make sure. (1st lesson learned).
I then looked up some sites that do disc recovery but the prices are outrageous (2-3k).
Please, please I beg all solutions and suggestions, all my life is on that disc which can’t be read now. :Z

What media?

Thanks for replying, it is a DVD-R from CompUSA, other things I have recorded on it are working fine. However this most crucial one isn’t.

Throw the rest in the trash and buy some good media. Buy real good media for what’s really important.

Good media: Fuji TY made in Japan ,Verbatim MCC003 or the made in India, Memorex Made in India, TDK Made in India, and there are others.

Real good media: order real TY media from rima.com

Made in india discs are doubt in quality in all brands. Most of them are crap. Stay with made in Taiwan discs at least (just avoid discs with CMC MID)

I would disagree with that, quite a few people are getting good scans on MBI media, and the longevity seems to be okay too… store them properly, and they do just fine.

Also never delete important data from your hard drive until you have made two back ups and checked them both.

There are a lot better softwares for DVD burning other than Roxio. Most of it is freeware or cost very little. Spend a little time reading the forum to see what others are using.