DVD-R by Verbatim for DVDFab

Alright, I think I’ve got the basic settings to put temp files on my large disk - now the program fails to recognize my Verbatim DVD-R disks as Media … Any ideas?

Hi Monty. Do you have your DVD burner selected as the Target (using the drop down)?

I have two DVD burners. The first is:
The second is:
As I recall, when I used the demo of the software, only one of the writers worked properly. I have tried switching the DVD source from one drive to the other, and resetting the drop-down menus - both directions give me the error that:
"No media inserted
Please insert a compatible media to start the write process."
The only other thing I can think of is that Windows has reset my BIOS, or some such nonsense.

Did you try clicking okay anyway or did you just stop, awhile back I had that problem and all I did was when I put in a blank I moved the mouse areound until it saw it, someone else on here had to do the same thing

Monty, don’t shoot the messenger, but the ND1000A is an old drive and only supports DVD+R writing at 2.4X. Will not write to -R or DL discs at all (that’s why Fab rejects the media). The TSH492B is not a DVD burner, just a DVD player/CD burner. If you plan to do a lot of backups, I would suggest you consider a new drive. The one burner you have will be painfully slow. Sorry.

Outstanding Paul, I never even thought about checking on the drives :eek: :eek: :rolleyes:

Thanks - Yeah, I wondered about the “+RW” in the label. I swear it worked before, though. I’ll look for a review here in the forum for a newer DVD-R writer.

Okay, now I feel like a moron - and I thought that, after college, no more reading instructions …
I DID get the program to work - I checked the backup, and , indeed, it was a DVD+RW. My current stash are DVD-R, obviously I didn’t check the distinction…
Thanks again.

Monty, don’t feel bad and whatever you do, don’t read instructions. They are often wrong and take all the fun out of new gadgets. And you are right, it did work before–the ND1000A will write +RW discs, just very slowly. I think several of the guys in this forum just bought or are buying new burners: look toward the latest posts in this thread for their experiences. Glad to have you on the forum and hope you enjoy using DVDFab.