DVD+R buying advice needed



I would like to buy some Ritek DVD+Rs from Newegg but didn’t know what speed to buy. I have a Liteon 451 flashed with the latest ‘standard’ firmware found on this site. Windows XP Pro SP2, 512MB PC133 RAM, 1.6GHz P4. Should I get 8x or will some hacked firmware let me write at 16x? Sorry for the newbie questions.


GC5G is the newest firmware: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/832S.CG5G.patched-cf.rar

if you update the firmware, reset learnt media: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/utilities/EEPROM_Utility-3.0.4.rar

get 8x discs, as it’s the highest speed for +r media, -r media will still be 4x.


Newegg is selling 16x DVD+R discs (for pretty cheap). My drive currently burns at 8x just fine. I’d rather not mess with the firmware or EEPROM stuff unless it lets me burn at 16x. Will it? Sorry if I misunderstood your reply.


no, it can’t burn faster than 8x+r and 4x-r


Thanks! You just saved me a few bucks.