DVD+R burning with NEC 3500A



I recently got myself a NEC ND-3500A drive.
I just removed my current DVD-drive and replaced it with the new one.
It all seems to be recognised fine.

the trouble I have is when I look at the drive info (with DVDInfo), it only shows the drive as supporting CR-R and CR-RW, for writing, with apparently no DVD writing capability…

The only media I have at the moment are DVD+R (PrimeDisc).

I have flashed the firmware to “MAD DOG MD-16XDVD9”

Any ideas on what’s going wrong?

Thanks for any help!



My two 3500’s and others in here show that the 3500 has a definate preference for -R media

Certainly try your +R’s (nothing serious at first) to see if you get reliable writes - which you probably won’t IMHO-



No probs with +R/RW here. This is an excellent writer for all kind of media!


My +Rs are writing perfectly. They scan fairly well and work in Thomson and Samsung Xboxs. Aside from the first few discs, I burn in compatibility mode (booktype DVD-ROM), which is reassuring.


Don’t know how this keeps coming up… Mine work best with +R


Thanks for all the replies… Finally got it sorted… I was trying to follow the instructions for enabling DMA, but I seemed to have different settings than in the guide (Ultra DMA or something). I removed these, and got the standard IDE controller back, and now my 3500A seems to be working a treat!

Don’t really know what I did, and I seem to still have a conflict with my primary ide, but i can burn DVDs at last (+R and all!)