DVD-R burning speed question

I’m buying some 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD-R discs for use in my Pioneer DVR-108 drive. I’d like to know: Is it OK (and safer) to burn at slower speeds of 2x & 4x? Will the discs created work in the same number of playback devices as if they were burnt at 8x? The reason why I ask this is because I’m not sure my PC can transfer at such a high data rate (80 megabits per second?) to the DVD and may need the buffer underrun protection. If the buffer underrun protection kicks in, does this mean the disc is already ‘bad’ and that I shouldn’t expect it to last long?

Thanks for answering my questions, if you can…

It is safer to burn TYG02 at 8x or up since the writing strategies (for most new burners and firmwares) are optimized for the rated speed and higher.

This topic has been much discussed with different opinions…

My experience is that it is entirely media-related, and TY for example seems to give better burns at “rated” speed or slightly above. Some other medias, notably MMC02RG20, react exactly the opposite and give better burns @4x (on the 109, NOT on some other burners).

I doubt that your PC couldn’t handle the writing speed: I’ve just placed a 109 in a 5 years old PC and it works fine @8x. Just make sure DMA is enabled both for your burner and your HD, and that you use 80 pins IDE cables.

As to the effect of the built-in buffer underrun protection on actual burn quality, I don’t know, but I would assume that it does its job as intended and thus doesn’t affect the burn negatively. I’d like to be enlightened on the subject too. :iagree:

Thanks very much, both of you. I’ll just burn at 8x, then.

PS: Does this apply to TY 52x CD-Rs (on Rima.com) too? With them, I need perfect performance in a PlayStation 1 (Model SCPH-7501; NTSC: U/C; made in September, 1998) as well.

No. Most drives will have a sweet spot for a specific media type, where higher speed creates more errors and lower speed does not produce better burns. For many burners, the sweet spot is at 24x or 32x, but some are at 16x. If you are not able to scan errors, I’d suggest 24x as a safe speed for TY CDRs.