DVD +R Burning probs

Hi There I’m Ben,

I am trying to copy on to DVD +R which I have never done before and am having lots of problems and I dont know why I have tried burning using sonic and Gear as in Gear.se.
The burn process completes sometimes but nothing gets burn or my computer freezes up.

I was give 150 of these darn disc so I would like to find a way of using them.

Please can anyone come up with a solution.

Many Thanks


What are your system specs. Which DVD burner are you using. What brand and speed of media.

Having problems burning Madagascar with Icopydvds2 and anydvd. It will not over write the copy protection?

It should work with newest anydvd version and clonedvd

Rapid Fire was quicker. (My post edited, deleted). :wink:

I have a dell inspiron Intel® Centrino Pentium® M processor 1.73GHz, Built in DVD R/RW Ultraspeed. 60BG Hard drive ATI 128 Graphics card running XP home,1GB RAM.

I have exported an AVI file from Premier from a home movie I shot, I am trying to Burn it on a DVD +R which is causing the problems. I currently have Sonic on this machine but have a copy of Nero on disc.