DVD+R Burning Problems with Sony Nec Optiarc AD-7191A

Hi everyone, my first thread here…

I bought a new DVD burner last week and already have problems. I’ve got a bunch of Memorex DVD+R Lightscribe DVD’s out here and try to burn them.

However, most of the time whenever I want to burn, Nero 8 says “place a good disc: Inserted disc type: DVD+R” and then it spits my disc out… So it won’t burn on an empty DVD+R :confused: Rather strange if you ask me, but I’m not an expert.

This happens about 15 times, then the 16th time or so it actually will burn the disc without any problems…

I have the latest firmware (1.5 I think) and when I try to burn a dvd with Alcohol120% it says “insert a disc” and when I do it, it says that a dvd+r disch is inserted but the message won’t pop away the burning won’t start…

Any clues how to solve this or what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Memowrecks…I would buy better media like Verbatim!

I didn’t buy them myself, I got them from my brother and buying other discs doesn’t solve my problem :wink: I’ve still got 30 discs and would be a waste to just let them rot somewhere in a corner of my room.