DVD-R burning @ 2.4x, etc.?

Just got me a true 1620 flashed to latest firmware. why the hell is the minimum burning speed for dvd-r is at 2.4x? that’s for dvd+r right?

also the led blinks red continuously while burning. is that normal? i’ve grown accustomed to seeing the led light being constant.

using recordnow 4.6 the write speeds don’t appear. just min, mid, max. and how do see the real write speed in nero 6?



on benq and philips drives the minimum burning speed for dvd-r is 2.4x

wouldn’t that result in a coaster?

Obviously, cause 2.4x is no certified speed for DVD-R.
DVD-R: 1x (2x isn’t official), 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x.