DVD+R Burner and Media question

I’m looking for a DVD+R burner that will be used for just basic data storage. So I’m wondering if there are ny burners I should avoid because they have problems with basic data storage (don’t see why any would, but I thought I’d ask just in case)?

Also, on the media side, who makes my best option for long life span (assuming I take care of the DVDs, which isn’t a problem because I’m extremely obsessive about keeping my CDs and DVDs safe:)?

I you want a cheap DVD+R/RW drive then get the NEC ND-1100A which you should be able to find for about €190 in Europe. I have one myself and have no problems with burning data (or video).

I prefer DVD+R/RW media made by Mitsubishi at the moment. 4x DVD+R media made Taiyo Yuden and Maxell should also be available outside Japan soon and they are likely to be of very good quality too.