DVD-R BookType error! Please Help

I have a NEC ND-2500A, and i’ve been using datawrite dvd-r for my burns.
Recently i’ve bought other pc with a Benq DW1620 Drive (B7P9 firmware), and i burn the same media there.
Some of the datawrite dvd-r media that i burn with the Benq drive (1 out of 3 average) is getting erros in the NEC drive and in a stand alone DVD Recorder from Philips (DVDR 610). I’ve never had problems with this media when i burned it in the NEC Drive!!
The most impressive thing is that the error is in the booktype area, there is no booktype. DVD-R Booktype is not changeable!!!
Here are the imagens from Nero and DVDInfo in attachments.
What’s wrong?
Please Help!!!

There is no error.

Booktype can be changed only on +R/RW media. Dash media retain their -R status.

If your standalone have problems is due to a bad burn; prodisc are not the best media available.