DVD+R Blanks Disks


Can regular/single layer dvd +r disks be change to dvd-rom.I see that double layer dvd +r disk can.Using plextor Px-708a firmware ver.1.7. And if so how do I go about doing this? Hope I said this right.

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To answer your question, yes DVD+ can be set to DVD-Rom, however, I’m not sure if Plextor has it in their firmware, I have a Liteon and all my DVD+ are set to burn at DVD-Rom.

The newest versions of DVDInfoPro has a utility to change the booktype, you can download the free version at dvdinfopro.com. It should, but I’m not positive it supports the Plextor. You can download the program, insert a blank DVD, and click on the icon that has a disk with +RW written on it, this is the booksetting utility.

Plextor burners do not and probably never will bitset.

“Plextor burners do not and probably never will bitset.”

Interesting, didn’t know that, any specific reason why they chose not to?

Thanks everyone for the information.