DVD-R Black & White

I just fitted my NEC 2500a… YAY

Burnt my 1st DVD on Ritek G04 media flawlessy, works fine on DVD ROM and Stand-alone DVD Player… Then we get to the problem… It is black & white on my PS2. Any idea what i did wrong, by the way I used chickenmans guide to convert my DivX file to DVD format. I heard it was something to do with NTSC to PAL or summit but Chickenman does say in the guide, dont convert unless you want jerky movies…

Any Ideas…

I burnt it with CloneDVD btw)

Please some one Help!

Surely there is someone who knows…

The disc is in NTSC format and the ps2 doesn’t convert this to PAL.
Most tvs in uk can cope with ntsc input via scart, but you must ensure you have a fully wired scart cable for your ps2.
Alternatively, try the disc in proper player that can handle dvd-r. It should be able to output in PAL.
Check that the disc is Region 0
Macrovison protection can also screw things up although this shouldn’t be a problem in this case.