DVD+R Bitsetting-Firmware for DVR-110D?


is there any firmware (stock or modified) supporting bitsetting for DVD+R (single layer) for the DVR-110D ?



Yes, but you/we cannot flash it.

Why not ???

No suitable flasher.

Do you have any information when a suitable flasher will be available ?

can someone explain me what exactely bitsetting means?

You may find this interesting: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=118794#media-bs

I just don’t understand, bitsetting increases compatibility of the recorded media to be played in more dvd players is that what it means?

Pioneer = Good drives let down by lack of bitsetting.

If you want bitsetting, don’t get Pioneer. BenQ is best out of the box.

Is not fully correct.
OEM firmwares like from Piodata and Buffalo come with Bitsetting support even for SL media.

Bitsetting allows DVD+R/+RW media to be read as DVD-ROM. It is really only useful, IMO, in older DVD players with limited media compatibility.
The bottom line is if the media you burn plays on the players you want it to everything is fine.

The Buffalo RPC-1 with Bitsetting is now available from http://forum.rpc1.org/viewtopic.php?t=36169

Thanks to The Dangerous Brothers!

Oh Sh1t No Way! An Rpc-1 With Bitsetting Firmware For The 110d That We Can Actually Flash?! Please Say This Is True!

I’m not able to test it because I have a 110, not a 110D.

yea I know you lucky prick. From what I take it you cant crossflash the 8.22 onto the pioneer. The firmwares are region free for either drive on their own but unless you own a buffalo drive you cant get bitsetting as of yet anyhow. Buffalo owners however are quite lucky to get both if their drives are owned.

Maybe Dee-27 should change her review?

"Posted by Dee-27 on 07 October 2005

Book type (bitsetting):

The Pioneer DVDR-110D supports bitsetting, and will as default write DVD+R DL media with DVD-ROM book type."

Here: http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/233/2

Or have I just had way too much coffee?

Oh, I see. It's only for DL. Weird. 

Never mind. I'm a moron.

Sorry, it were just added that is it not recommended yet.

No, DL+ booktype is always set to DVD-ROM by standard.
We were talking about SL bitsetting.

Yeah I know. Hence the “I’m a moron” comment. Heh.

What is the difference between the 110 and the 110D? What UDMA mode does this drive operate in? I have heard that Pioneer drives have the ability to operate in UDMA 4, but I have also read that there is a riplock on the read, is that true.