DVD+R Best write speed?

Which is the best write speed for dvd+r’s 16x?

i dont mind the quality good (ex. TY) or a crap.

ex. If A have a ty That’s of 8x and i write it at 4x is bad
or i must use the 8x speed?

Fragment -

If using quality media, up to date current DVD Burner Firmware, up to date current Burning Software, and a properly operating computer system the rated speed of the media should be the optimal burning (writing) speed.

Problems may occur burning (writing) at the media rated speed when the above stated conditions are not met.


It’s generally reckoned that for 16x media burning at 12x is a good starting point.

For all others the rated speed is where you start but for inferior media you might need to drop a speed.

After better than 2,000, I think I have found otherwise.
Tim C is on target.
When that doesn’t work try 8X, or 6X.

Find your equipments “sweet spot” with the discs that you are trying… no rules apply.