DVD-R Bad Media and NEC?



Hi everyone,

Please take a look at this

and let me know how far is it true with NEC cos I really had a bad experience with fake media Taiyo Yuden specially. How goog is NEC for these fake ones? I mean can you trust the burns and does NEC do anything special for these junk media as I have read that it adjusts its laser strength to give good burns?



Frank Chachulski, The QC-Manager of 3A Media Produktion und Handel GmbH, approached us with an email today, making a strong statement about the production of 3A Media:

"The truth is that SINCE beginning of 2003 most manufacturers are using false MID´s in order to get more compatible. Some drive manufacturers even ask for money in order to implement new MIDs into their drives. We are talking of several 10 thousands dollar per manufacturer or MID.
  But 3A Media had never and will never produce discs with wrong MIDs! That question is not at issue."

In fact, some manufacturer do “same” as firmware hacker. A firmware hacker substitute a write strategy for another to improve burning speed and quality.