DVD+R appears to be empty after successful burn



Okay, I’m definitely a noob around here, but am pulling my hair out trying to sort this out.

I have an nec 3500 burner that has been great for 3+ months. Recently I have been unable to read any DVD+Rs (RITEK R03) that I have made. DVDInfoPro and Decrypter both say that the DVD is blank (not a DVD-Video). I have made several DVD+Rs with decrypter using iso read/write, and also just through nero. I have switched between the liggy (218_Fliggy_Ritek_SE), quickee (2.18_QV3ME), and official nec 2.18 firmwares. I cannot get my nec burner to recognize any of these discs. I am able to read any DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW discs that I have burned. All of these DVD+Rs at issue play in my set top player.

Here’s where it gets weird, my buddy is able to play/rip these DVD+R discs just fine in his nec 3500. I am also able to read/rip any DVD+Rs burned in his machine. What also really confuses me, is that when I first burned couple of these, I thought I verified that the Book type was correctly set to DVD-ROM, so I feel like at one point these discs read just fine in my machine. I did do a round of windows updates (including Windows Media Player 10), but I have since rolled back all those updates, and even reinstalled the dvd drive.

Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated.


Did you update with windows SP2 if you did i would undo it(its crap). best bet would be to formate and reinstall.


Yeah, I did install sp2 and it was definitely a brick on my part. But, I already had SP2 on my box when i bought my nec 3500. Reload of the OS is kind of a last resort, although it gives me an excuse to get that 10K rpm sata drive i’ve been thinking about. Certainly not doubting you, but is there anything specifically that would lead you to believe that the security updates in SP2 would affect DVD recognition by the drive? Have you seen/read of problems similar to this with sp2?

appreciate the help, i’ve had no leads thus far. others have had similar problems but they usually seem related to crap media.


ya i read about problems with ps2 f’n stuff up(on this forum, just search can’t remember were)… sound like media problems. i once bought 50 packs of dvds and only the first 3-4 works the rest were crap. what you can do is try your burner on your friends computer. if it works then you know its you os. and also check if you dvd burner is set to dma mode.