DVD+R and RW Format



Hi agn. Maybe a simple solution but can’t find a way to format any DVD+RW’s for use. Right clicking gives me no option in XP and I don’t want to use packet writing software. What am I overlooking? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I’ve never had to format a DVD before use. What exactly are you having problems with? Can you not write to the discs?


Thanks for the reply. I want to use this drive as a backup device or to copy programs to the DVD as if it were a hard drive. Have NO access to the drive as XP does nt req the media.


To use a cd/dvd as drag and drop, you must use some form of packet writing software.

Windows XP has a builtin ability to write files to a CD as multisession (Session at once) but that’s it, not the same as drag & drop.


DO NOT use packet writing. Create a multi-session DVD ISO disc. Leave the session open to add more data at a later time.


Thanks Furballi. That’s what I have gleened also.Too many problems with data recovery when you need it.