DVD-R and Multisession burning problem

Hope you don’t mind me riding on this thread but I also have some newbie questions.
I just bought the NEC ND-2510A (FW 2.15) yesterday and also bought some cheap DVD-Rs as well. Can someone help me out with some questions below? I’ve tried searching but could not find any answers on that.

  1. The max allowable burning speed is only 2X although the media is supposed to be capable of 4X. I’m using Nero Is this because of the cheap media that I’m using? Will the max speed increase if I get better media?

  2. I tried to burn a few CD-ROMs’ contents into a DVD-R, one after another. After the first CD-rom, everything’s fine and I can read the DVD-R normally. But after burning the 2nd CD’s contents into the DVD-R, the DVD-R reading speed became terribly slow, and I can only view the 1st CD’s content on it, not the 2nd one. I used Nero to burn, using the “new multisession” option for the 1st CD and then I just continued in the same window to burn the 2nd CD’s content. Is this the correct way?

Thanx in advance!

I split your question into a new thread because the topic is different.

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  1. Upgrade to . Some lesser quality media are limited in the firmware though by design. (Like the Ritek G05 limited to 4X in stock firmware for the 2500A)

  2. You should have restarted Nero anew for a new session or chosen File / New
    and then “Continue multisession disk” and selected the last track to continue.

If I was U I would Not do Multisession…It’s very Confuseing to Newbies n Not so new Newbies…U can’t always find the first session, (very frustrateing) n They Do Not always Work…Make a Folder, put all that U need into it, when its about 4Gbt, Burn it as DAO…Disk at Once…DVD DATA ISO…This is Just My Honest Opinion n from Experience n i Am Not Alone in this…If U Must insist on doing a DVD Multisession then use DVD-RW…That way U learn how to much easier…

Thanx for all your advice. I’ve upgraded to and now the speed shows 4X max!

I’ve also tried burning a new DVD-R again using “new multisession” and left the rest of the settings at default. As usual it looks fine after burning and all the files could be read.
Then i restarted Nero anew and selected “continue multisession” to continue with some other data, but instead of showing me the window to choose the multisession to continue, it said “this disc is not writeable” or something like that.
Is my drive faulty? Or must I change some settings? I’ve burnt 2 coasters so far… :slight_smile:

Also, how long does the Nero CD Speed program usually take to finish computing the speed for one DVD?

Please use the search function of the forums.
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