DVD+R and DVD-RW fail



Recently purchased MWR20V6 DVD/VCR recorder. I used a DVD+RW with no problems. Then I used a DVD-R with no problems. Despite the claims in the manual, DVD+R and DVD-RW do not work. they fail to load.

The question I have is which of the following is the problem:

  1. Machine defective
  2. Discs defective
  3. Manual defective
  4. User error

If it is 4, what did I do wrong?


What brand[s] of discs do you use?


These work
DVD+RW is Fujifilm
DVD-R is Imation

These fail
DVD +R is Imation
DVD- RW is Memorex


Do you have a computer with a DVD burner? If so, please provide the MID of your media. The MID can be found by following the instructions found here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/580276-post3.html .

If not, I’d advise you to just “trade in” the two brands that fail for some Verbatim or Sony media.


I guess that it is probably just cheap discs. When CD writers were new I experienced similar problems. Now I have no problems. Either the discs got better or the writers got better. I can live with DVD+RWs so long as I buy a player (for my other tV sets) that plays that type.