Dvd-r and dvd+r

please tell me the difference! im using dvd+rs right now with my burner and they are working fine, i just wondered if there was any advatange to using dvd-rs.
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Check these links:
Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W)

And search results you may find useful:

(if last link doesn’t work, use search on ‘dvdr AND war’ )

People tend to say that -R is better for making dvd - video (better compatability) while +R is better for data storage.

I find that there is no specific reason why one should use one format for a specific purpose than the other. Most stand alone players produced in the last couple of years most probably play both formats while (quoting Spath :stuck_out_tongue: ) there is no reason why ones data are safer when burned in +R than in -R.