I am new to DVD copying and I wonder if someone can tell me what is the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R, and can a moive, etc that has been recorded/copied on a DVD+R be copied to a DVD-R. Thanks.

Please use the board search function asked soo many times I have lost count. This is just advice, as a newbie it is the first thing you should do.

There is a technical difference between DVD-R and DVD+R but for the end user, such as yourself, there is no real difference. Nowadays almost all DVD recorders support both formats and most DVD players can read/play both formats. The most important thing you should check is if your players support DVD-R or DVD+R or both. You can do this by visiting www.videohelp.com (go to List > DVD Players and search for your player).

Personally I prefer to use DVD+R discs mostly because they can be turned into DVD-ROM discs via BitSetting for increased compatibility (your DVD recorder has to support this though). DVD+R media also used to support higher recording speeds but this is not true anymore (except for Double Layer media, DVD+R DL has an advantage here). Last but not least, quality DVD+R media is easier to find where I live than quality DVD-R media.

Thanks for the info. I searched the forum for this info and couldn’t find it, so I appreciate your time. The reason I was asking for help with this is because I was making some backups of DVD movies that were also copies of DVD movies. I think the copies were DVD+R, but I am not positive. I tried to copy the movies to DVD-R and kept getting errors, but when I changed to DVD+R they copied fine. I was thinking that you couldn’t copy from DVD+R to DVD-R, but now I think that the DVD drive was maybe not DVD-R compatible. I didn’t even think to see if it was compatible with DVD-R. I had enough DVD+R disc left to complete the job, so next time I’ll be sure to check the DVD drive compatibility. Thanks again.