DVD-R and DVD+R Not read

Ok, i got a TSSTcorp CDW/DVD TS-H492A Driver. When i insert a (Blank)DVD-R or a (Blank)DVD+R, its not read, it just says that the drive is empty…i dont get any error message or anything… it just does nothing…anyone help?

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What says the drive is empty? Explorer, or your burning software?

Do you happen to have Alcohol 120% installed? If so, there’s a settings chenge that could help.

Does the drive read discs with data on? E.g, burned DVDRs or pressed DVDs.

Well nothing actually says its empty, but its as if it was… i insert the DVD-R disk and DVD+R disk and nothing happens… it doesn’t read them.

No i dont have Alcohol 120% installed.

It reads CD-R’s and CD-RW’s, not sure if it reads burned DVDRs but it does read regular DVD’s(One’s bought at stores, like movies or Shows).

It’s not supposed to “read” them…you can’t read a disc with no data on it :slight_smile:

Have you tried a burn with your usual software?

Lol, True… well it doesn’t recognize that they’re there… i do my computer->DVD/CD-RW Drive [E:] and it doesn’t show anything…it doesnt change a thing, wether the disk is in drive or not, same thing, no difference.

This is my first attempt at burning a DVD, i use ConvertxtoDVD Software, i get prompt to enter a DVD-R,DVD+RW,DVD-RW,Etc. and when i do, it doesn’t change, stays the same.

Good software :)…so, when you put the disc in, even ConvertXtoDVD doesn’t recognise it? As in, is the Burn button greyed out?

I don’t think the laser’s dodgy because you say it can still read store bought DVDs.

Here’s a thought. Can you download and run CD-DVD Speed, put one of the discs in, go to the Disc Info tab and see if it recognises it?

BTW, what’s the brand and speed of these discs?

Ty, got a recommendation from a friend about it.

Yes, its grayed out, cant commence the burn.

Downloading now.

DVD+R----- Memorex 16x
DVD-R------Maxell 1-16x

“No Disc Inserted” under Disc Info Tab.

Oh dear - I should have checked before, you’re not going to believe this.

The TS-H492A is a combo drive - meaning it can read/burn CDs, but only read DVDs. :frowning: - just looked it up on Google.

No wonder… lmao, know of any good DVD Burners?

LOL, can’t believe I didn’t check that first :doh:

DVD burners…my real favourite is LG, but Samsung and LiteOn are good, too. I have the Samsung SH-S182D and the LiteOn LH-20A1H, both are good drives. :slight_smile:

Ok, googled it and saw nice price ranges, well thanks for your help.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: