DvD-r and backing up DvD Movies

i was just wondering if it was possible to backup my DvD movies
with a dvd-r drive, and if so, how could one go abouts doing so. Is it just pop the thing in the drive and click burn, or would i have to copy files to hard drive and burn or whatever


:wink: It`s not so easy…

Most of the Movie DVD are Copy protected and can`t be copied on the normal way.
Also a recordable DVD has on 4,7GB space most of the movie DVDs are much longer,like Titanic or Soldier-James Rian …

Use Smartripper to ripp the Movie on HDD.Most time the movies are in two or three languages.

Ripp the language u doesn`t need from the movie,ripp all shit from the Movie like trailers and other things and then u can burn them on DVD-R.

Ok?-- For more infos look at the net…