Dvd+r 8x Taiyo Yuden Silver Inkjet Printable

Hey all,
I was just wondering if these are really good disks, well i know they are good but what i mean is i like to write on my backs and the other TY’s have just lacquer and i like to be able to clearly see the labels so i figured i would get ones that are printable since they would be easier to see with a sharpie, you should be able to see what you write on it clearly right?


Also it says “No stacking ring” what is a stacking ring and does it really matter?

Also i have a Sony DRU-800A KY06 and i just wanted to know if anyone has experience with these disks with that burner and if i will get good results. YUDEN000T02 is one of the best disks you can get right?

One last thing which firmware do you guys think would be better for my 800A: KY06 or KC4B for these disks.


(I searched before but i couldn’t find anything that dealt with all the things im asking sorry if i missed something)

I can vouch for the TYG02’s. I have burned hundreds of them & just received another 300. I have burned them in 4 different burners including 2 different sonys with no problems ever. There are premiums & value grade. To be sure I stay with premium. I usually stay with the latest firmware updates & have never had any problems. Good luck.

Agreed - I also use the value line and they burn excellent on my 20A1P at 8x and 12x with jitter lvels at 7.5%, in fact strangely, they burn better than my old batch of DVD+R 8x but the quality can be variable, so far I haven’t come across a bad one.

Where can you buy TY media at a good price without having to wait for Best Buy sales, then hoping you can find treasure marked “Made in Japan” from the hundreds on the shelf?

The two places i have seen are online which are:

http://www.blankmedia.ca for canadians

The silver actually has a clear, (or rather frosted), coating with the silver lacquer behind that. It has a very unusual finish and appearance. If you just want something to scribble on, I’d go with the flat white printable.

Ugh i already ordered them :(.

Is rima.com better than supermediastore.com?

Uhhh why is there a difference when he is just using a sharpie? It doesn’t really matter, as long as the disc is not black or purple on the label side, you will be able to see it perfectly fine. Unless you are blind.

Good Lord. Fifty bucks for 100 DVD+R?! Isn’t there a cheaper way to get these?

Yes, get the G02, -R 8x , it’s some of the best media money can buy.

YUDEN000 T02 is IMO superior to TYG02. Its durability is better, so T02 is more like an all-round disc!

Actually it would only be 67.8986 CAD for me to buy those and the ones i bought which are better were only 70.3 so its not much less.