DVD+R 4x Kodak

Hey there! New to this game. Have burned using Kodak DVD-R’s 4x - no problems. Accidently bought Kodak DVD+R’s 4x - they won’t play on ANY of my DVD players (thought they did on the computer when I burned them - but not now). Am I missing some setting? I have burned DVD+R’s 8x and they work fine.

can your burner booktype? if so booktype it to rom instead of +r. and next time get better media like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim…

At the risk of sounding dumb or dumber :o - I don’t really know how to “booktype” - I have used DVDxCopy Platinum, 123DVDCopy, SmartRipper, AnyDVD etc - often it would seem the burn was successful but it won’t play. I wondered if it was because the +R’s were 4x (the +R 8x worked fine - and the -R 4x work fine also) :sad:

what kind of burner do you have (benq 1655, lg gsa-4166b,and so on) plus click on booktype to see what i’m talking about…if your burner came with some kind of cd see if it has a tool to booktype it to DVD-ROM.

Please get the media info (mediacode) with DVDIdentifier and post it here. :wink:
And, as already asked, your [I]burner model & firmware[/I].
Oh, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Don’t even bother trying to make these work. Kodak literally pawned their brand name off to the highest bidder. I forget, off the top of my head, who actually has that licence to use their name, but IIRC it’s some guy out of Hong Kong. As a result, Kodak brand DVDRs feature some of the worst media this planet has to offer.

Think AML, fake TY, “MEDIA ID 001”, etc.

Sigh… their CD-R were so good. :frowning: