DVD-R 4.7GB 8X AquaAce -- Diameters?

Hey guys,

Well I am planning to buy the DVD-R 4.7GB 8X AquaAce Glossy White Inkjet Printable.

Also listed here:


When I was printing with the Taiyo Yuden Glossy dvd-r 16x, i noticed i could not print the entire 118mm for the outer side.

So before I buy the new AquaAce, can anyone tell me if I am able to print the full 118mm? Or will there be bleeding ink on the outer edge of the dvd?

Thank you all again! Hope someone can help me out.

AquaAce and Watershield are the same, in that the printable area does not cover the entire white area. They are made by applying a clear gloss coating over standard white thermal printable discs. The white area that’s not printable is slightly thinner on AquaAce, maybe 0.3mm vs 0.5mm on Watershield.

Here is the comparison thread. You can see the slight difference in the outer white band. Both are printed at 118mm.

Thanks CDan, I think that helped a lot. One last question, what is difference between those two, Aqua Ace, Taiyo Yuden compared to…
MBI Glossy Watershield 16x DVD-R?

I know its much cheaper but what is the compatibility with dvd players and does it also print the full 118mm?