Dvd +r 16x

Hello Everybody
I want to ask if someone knows the ThatsWrite DVD +R 16X?
They are for sale for about 9.5 euros (pack 10) in my country (Portugal).
Before buy this i want to know about their quality and compatibility (i have a Nec 3500 :stuck_out_tongue: )

That’s Write is the official brand of Taiyo Yuden, which means that you can be sure that these media are of very high quality and are very appropriate for use with the NEC ND-3500A.

thanks for the info Jucius_Maximus

That is WRONG.

That’s is official Taiyo Yuden brand!

That’s Write is another brand - mostly cheap media. their 4x discs are optodisc (optocrap :Z), Princo, vanguard :Z or Lead data.

Their 8x DVD+R media is ritek.R03 or CMC.MAG.E01, about medium quality media - I fear that the last 8x media batches is Optocrap :Z

Their 16x DVD+R media is made by CMC Magnetics. It’s either Philips.C16 or CMC.Mag.M01 code. Pretty good quality media (works EXCELLENT in BenQ writers), but works at 8x only in many writers (Plextor, NEC and Pioneer for example).