DVD-/+R 100 pack spindles

I was just looking through the Argos website and I stumbled across these two 100 pack DVD-/+R spindles:



I worked out that each disc would cost me around 34p if I bought any one of those spindles which is an excellent price. I really don’t have the storage room to store blank DVDs with DVD cases anymore so that’s why I’m thinking about buying a 100 pack spindle.

And you might have guessed by now that one; I’m from the UK, and two; I’m uneasy about buying blank media online (I was planning on picking up one of these spindles from my local Argos store).

So which one of these spindles would you recommend? And please don’t ask me where they’re manufactured as I have no idea.

It’d be better to check out the Maxell discs at your local store; if they’re Made in Japan go for it.

Don’t buy them theyre a rip off. I suggest you buy from www.svp.co.uk which is the UK’s favorite dvd media store. They are very good and have excellent customer service. Also the Maxells are probably Ritek G05 (which you should avoid like the plague)

Dvds from Argos are almost twice the price as the ones from SVP. You could get a pack of 100 Taiyo Yuden dvd-rs for £29.99. Taiyo Yuden are regarded as the best.

The Imation discs on SVP are £19.49 (including VAT). So thats £15 cheaper than the argos ones. (the discs from SVP are 8x and the argos ones are 4x) http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=729

That could be a problem.

You have to order before you can actually physically look at what you’re buying in Argos.

I have seen these discs in a Currys store (as a 10 pack with jewel cases) that look like these:

They don’t have a "Made in " message anywhere on the box. I suspect that this will also be the case for the spindles.

That’s why I said in my original post that I have no idea where they’re manufactured.

They are manufactured in Taiwan, they have them on show in my local argos. Avoid them. Read my post above! If you order from SVP now you should get your order tomorrow.

I’ve said time and time again on this forum that I just do not like buying blank media online.

I would prefer to buy from a physical shop where I know what I’m buying and I don’t need to hand over my credit card details. And yes, I’m willing to pay the extra money that physical shops inevitably charge.

I’ve looked at that SVP website before. They only accept credit card as a payment. If they accepted cheques than I might have considered it otherwise I’m sticking with buying from physical shops, thank you very much.

Sorry for trying to help. If buying things in store is your only option then you may as well buy them from argos, its the best price for media in retail shops in the UK even if you do get Ritek G05

somebody else used to be like that but i soon changed my tune when i realised all the benefits of buying online, basically you’re gonna end up with expensive crap unless you can shake the first time buying nerves, make sure your OS is fully patched avoid using IE and use a good firewall and av software, download spybot s&d and adaware and make sure you have no spyware on your machine, i will take a shot in the dark and say most ppl who get their details snatched dont do this and are probably swamped with spyware.

ofcourse you can simply tell me to f*ck off, but if you take the advcie its highly unlikely anybody will be capable of grabbing your details probably as risky as going down the shops :slight_smile:

I appreciate the help, I really do.

And like I said before, buying from a physical retailer is my preferred option.

I think I will go for the Maxells.

By the way, why are the Ritek G05 discs no good? As long as they play ok in both my DVD players and my Playstation 2 then I don’t see any problem.

It’s not the security of my PC that I’m worried about.

I have Norton Internet Security 2005 (antivirus, firewall, ad blocker, privacy control, anti-spam) as well as Ad-Aware and Bazooka Scanner installed. So I’m pretty sure my computer is well protected.

My problem is that I’ve purchased something online before (using a credit card) from a website that’s similar to svp.co.uk and lets just say it didn’t turn out to be a very smooth transaction.

To be precise I ordered a Bluetooth dongle from a UK website. Customer service was poor and they took out twice the amount of money they were supposed to and never refunded it. The dongle I got in the end was of an older specification (v1.1) when it was supposed to be a newer version (v1.2).

So now you can see why I’m reluctant to buy anything computer related online anymore.

It’s not that they’ll be bad when you burn them, it’s when you go to use/scan them months, even weeks later…a lot of them have been known to degrade REALLY quickly!

So if you do buy those Maxells, scan/test often :wink:

But isn’t there a chance that those Maxells (in my first post) could in fact be genuine Maxell discs? The only difference between the Maxell 8x -R and +R is the packaging. The -R discs are in silver packaging and the +R discs are in gold packaging. But I’ve noticed that the +R gold packaged discs have the “Made In Japan” thing printed on them but there isn’t any place of manufacture printed on the silver packaged -R discs.

If they are indeed Ritek G05, then what should I expect from them? Will they still be able to play in my DVD players and Playstation 2 after a year or more? And keep in mind that I tend to keep my burned discs in top notch condition. In fact, I don’t have any DVD-R or CD-R backups that are scratched or have fingerprints.

Backups I created 4-5 years ago are still in top notch condition and readability is perfectly fine.

Note that I like the creditcard companies just as much as the next guy (ie.:Z :wink: ) but your example happens to be just about what they do really well, they correct double transactions faster than s**t goes through goose. You only have to contact them as they’re not psychic, yet.

OK, the only Maxells I’ve bought have been 5 packs in ASDA, and one 25-spnidle, also from ASDA…the only way I could tell that they were gonna be genuine MAXELL002s was by buying the 8x +R packs in cardboard packaging, not shrinkwrapped.

Dunno about the spindles in Argos, but if they’re anything like the 25-spindle I bought (8x +R), they may be Ritek G03. And about the place of manufacture…from what I’ve seen (and read on here), the spindles have none, whereas even the Ritek-made discs can be erroneously stamped “MIJ”.

It’s not how you store the discs, in my experience with Ritek G05s - had some, all stored differently - jewel cases, little wallets in a lidded box, dark cool place etc…they just tend to…not be readable after a time. That time may vary, you may be lucky and get a year out of them, but I wouldn’t like to see someone bet money on it. :wink:

So these Maxell discs will become completely unreadable a year after the disc was originally burned?

That doesn’t make sense.

In the past, I’ve bought shitty brand media such as Imation, Emtec, PC line CD-Rs and I’ve never had any problems with these discs.

These discs were burned around 4 years ago and the readabilty of the disc is the same as when I first burned it.

I’ve only ever used Sony brand DVD media but I believe that the readability of the disc is comparable to my old CD-R backups.

One thing I was going to mention though was I’ve bought a couple of 100 pack CD-R spindles in the past (also from Argos). One of the spindles was made in Japan and the other was made in India.

The differences I noticed were that the Imation CD-Rs (the Japan ones) allowed me to successfully overburn to about 730 Mb. And it was doing this consistently. The Imation CD-Rs (the India ones) wouldn’t overburn at all.

That was the only difference I could notice. But I’d say that the quality of the discs themselves were similar.

The problem with Maxell is that I’ve never had problems with their CD-Rs. These are the Maxell CD-Rs that I’ve bought over the years:


These are absolutely superb discs. Extremely reliable.

I can’t understand why all of a sudden Maxell would start to manufacture shitty media.

That’s why I’m willing to take a risk with Maxell DVD media as they haven’t steered me wrong in the past.

And one last thing, can you have a look at these discs:


Are these Riteks aswell? I’m guessing that these discs are from the same batch as the ones in the spindles.

At least avoid the dash discs, get the +Rs. About the G05, try running a search in this forum, there’s been cases where they’ve been unreadable after as little as 2 weeks, not 1 year.

Otherwise I would go looking for a place that sells Verbatim media (but stay away from the Pearl White kind), they should be readily available…

Which burner do you own BTW?

I can’t think of anyone who sells Verbatim media in spindles or cases. There’s this office shop in my area that sells Verbatim DVD-Rs but they’re sold as one disc in a jewel case and cost around £1.29p which is way too expensive in my opinion for a single blank DVD disc.

I have an LG DVD Burner - LG GSA-5163D.

I will try searching the forum for the term “G05”.

One last thing, is there a guide somewhere that can list the disc formats that are compatible with the different versions of a Playstation 2? I’m not even sure if mine can read DVD+R.

I really wish you would consider ordering online. Verbatim relabeled discs made by Taiyo Yuden from SVP run 6.70 pounds per 25 pack including VAT. Much better than that shite you are taking a gamble with from the stores.

I’m sorry but I can’t do online.

Has anyone tried the Imation DVD+Rs? I heard they don’t manufacture their discs so they could actually turn out to be good.

I’ve just found this from another thread here:

Mine is a version 4. So I suppose that rules out those Imation DVD+Rs then.

PC World sell Verbatim media in spindles. :slight_smile: