DVD questions

1)how many hours of movie/video time can a single layer DVD contain? what’s its capacity in terms of movie/video time?

2)what are the differences of the following type of applications from each other: (could you also provide some example program for each)

-DVD Burning tools
-DVD Authoring tools
-DVD transcoding tools
-DVD encoding tools

3)do you guys know if there is an application that will simply burn AVI to DVD directly without needing to convert them to DVD video format?
like you just select the video files then click burn, then done after a few minutes; you don’t need to trouble yourself with conversion and such stuffs…

4)how do you know if you’re getting XviD or DivX avi files? like if i downloaded some tv-ripped episodes then i wanna burn them into DVD; like what application do i use to encode them and encode into what type of video format or quality (high/low)? really need some advices and details…

sorry for having many questions. just trying to learn something new.

  1. Lots. It all depends on how high quality you’re burning the movie at, but i think the quoted value is 2 hours.

Buring tool- Burns the files to disk
Authoring tool - Let’s you edit and presumably set menus etc.
Transcoding tool- eh?
Encoding tool - eh? (i might know some programs that do it, but it’d be a guess at best)

  1. I’m presuming you mean a program that reads the AVI and converts it to .vob files and then burn them to disk all with a minimum of clicks. There’ll be something out there that can do it, but i’ve never heard of it.

4)Easiest one, google something called G spot codec information appliance (safe search on) it tells you exactly what format a file is, and what codecs you need to run it etc.

You can find all of this information at www.videohelp.com

Also on this forum here:- http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=66

1)Depends on the format/codec and quality chosen.
2)DVD burners let you write to DVD, either from another DVD or from files saved to yoru hard disk drive | DVD auhtoring tools let you create your own DVD from variosu sources, mainly used to create menus, chapters and the like | DVD transcoding apps usually let you “compress” DVD9 to DVD5, which is a lossy process in terms of quality | DVD encoding is basically the conversion to DVD compliant MPG2 streams of different sources/files.
3)Nero can do that for you, but that way you won’t be able to play those files on a standard DVD player, if that’s what you want.
4)Nero and NeroVision Express can do that for you, can’t think of any more staright forward ways.

Have a look at the step by step guides on www.doom9.org.