DVD Ques



If a transfer rate scan displays the results with a few nicks in the lines.
and another graph displays the lines fine.
Will the line with a few jogs on mean that that dvd will wear a lot quicker?


You scan in two different drives? The few nicks it’s probably due to the drive characteristic in reading. IMO, no worry, unless they are major speed drop.


Both same drive (BenQ 1620)
the better one was written with a pioneer the worst off one was written with the BenQ?
There will be no decrease in life?


We cannot tell only from “few nicks”. You need to see it as a whole, ie media used, complete scans (PIE/PIF/Jitter and read transfer rate), plus how you handle/store the disk. :slight_smile:


ok theyre TY DVD+R’s?
I store them in jewel cases.
I have posted other threads on this forum.
I have result graphs of the disc quality checks.
Can u tell by them how long the disc will last?
I got quality scores of 94 - 98


Can u tell by them how long the disc will last?

That’s like asking how long will my new car last…Answer…till it breaks.
30 min to 50 years, depends on what you do with it and how you take care of it.


You are using the correct media, and your quality scores are very good. Mid to high 90’s in the quality scores, and using good quality media, will help ensure the best lifetime possible for your media.