DVD quality?

I want to copy some of my DVD’s. Does it matter how cheap of DVDs you get. I saw the cheapest ones (imation) for $13. I no they arent a top notch cd but will it effect the sound/picture of the movie? And by the way, should I be using DVD-r’s to burn to? Will they play on my (slim) PS2?

Always use good brand media, reason: backup without skipping, freezing, long life, etc.
Newer PS2s can read DVD+R, older ones only DVD-R.

So, should I be using DVD-R or DVD+R? Is there a difference in quality?

alex thyl wrote:

Newer PS2s can read DVD+R, older ones only DVD-R.

I am not sure about the new slim PS/2, but I do know that the olders ones, they played either the -R’s or the +R’s some both. It would depend on the model and what region is was built in, Mine LOVES +R’s burnt @ 4X(RICOHJPN), didnt care too much -R’s.

I am thinking about getting the Slim PS/2, I just havnt checked into the mod chip as of yet

More then likely, you might have to test to see which one is better for you…

Please let us know…

Will do HAMP