DVD Quality Tests?

I am currently in the market to purchase a new DVD burner and I’m a little confused on the topic of DVD Quality tests. I have been looking at the different posts and reading some of the DVD Quality results that users post. What i don’t fully understand is why do people burn with one brand of drive and then use another drive for the DVD quality test?

Why do people feel they need two DVD Drivers instead of one. Isn’t their one drive that can handle burning and DVD quality tests?

There are a couple of brands that can do quality tests. Lite-on is probably the best for this of the currently available drives, but some of the Samsung drives can use Nero CD/DVD Speed or KProbe. And there are older drives from BenQ and Plextor that are good scanners too.

Many people feel that certain drives are better writers than the Lite-ons. Pioneer 115/215 for example have an excellent rep with dual layer media, and as far as I am aware, the Lite-on’s do not. The Samsung 203 series have an excellent rep for burning cds…so you can have certain drives that excel at particular tasks.

Some drives handle certain types of media better than others do also, so you might have one drive for scanning, one for your main type of media, another for ripping/reading. No one drive will be the best at all tasks, and this forum is made up of optical drive/media enthusiasts…so they tend to get multiple drives that complement each other in capabilities.