DVD Quality Tests, Please Help Im New!

Hi, im new to this forum and DVD ReWriters, i know all about c1 c2 errors with cds and what is classed as good bad and ok, but DVDs are new to me.

Anyway i have bought a liteon ldw-851s, i am using nero 5.5 with the latest update, i bought some sumvison dvd-r 4x type AN31 media which gave me a coaster first time and they look bad quality so i went and bought 4 4x datawrite yellow made by princo and 4 unknown 4x ritek GO4, they all burned fine and i ran nero cd speed and nero dvd speed on them and they all gave me no errors and a nice green cure with only very slight alterations in the line, i then found out about k’s probe and i ran that on them and here is the result its a data cd


p1 max: 197 Total: 217021 Average: 8.159
p2 max: 195 Total: 4794 Average: 0.180


p1 max: 88 Total 198499 Average: 7.289
p2 max: 3 Total 558 Average: 0.020

anyway i went and bought a 25 pack of the prico brand, now i want to know is this ok? i did another princo and it had a higher error rate


p1 max: 208 Total: 896796 Average: 32.222
p2 max: 161 Total: 35729 Average: 1.284

i know nothing about parity errors can anybody tell me if this is normal i have over 100 gig to backup of very important stuff so i dont want any errors! oh yeah the AN31 i tried 3 times and always get errors testing them usong nero cd/dvd speed scandisk so they are going in the bin!

basically i want to know if nero gives me all good sectors using the scandisk and the green and yellow lines dont have any major bumps in them is the dvd going to last me is it ok???

The link in the fourth bullet found here should answer your questions about Kprobe results.